Social Action: Proposal

For this assignment, I’ve decided to make a video which questions how the education system for 4-18 year olds works, and how it doesn’t. The video will include a range of opinions from different interviews, and some animated drawings, to aid the points being made, visually.

I’m specifically going to look at why the methods of teaching and learning are so ineffective in public schools, and how they cause demotivation, stress, and disillusion in many young students. I believe our education system is broken and outdated, and I want to explore other peoples’ opinions on this, while sharing my own experiences as a student.

My primary research will come from other people and their opinions. I want to look at the issue from more of a personal perspective, which doesn’t portray¬†individual experiences as part of a figure, or statistic. However, I will also look at a selection of articles from both sides of the argument, to try and avoid bias;

I would like to help communicate ideas about education by using very simple, digital animation as a visual aid. I think this might make the video more engaging and the argument easier to understand. I’ll also include some stop-frame animation for variation, and additionally, the live action footage from my interviews.

The most likely problem is that my idea will become to ambitious to be achievable before the deadline. To try and prevent this, I’m going to make a week-by-week planner, and also keep the structure simple, and fairly short. This way, I can get visual variety in the video, without running out of time.


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